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Beautiful Aging

Demanding Skin

Are you noticing first signs of aging? Laugh or frown lines that take longer to smooth out and stressed skin that no longer recovers effortlessly?
Your beauty goal is Beautiful Aging. True beauty has no age; It’s all about feeling good in your skin.
Two skin conditions are characteristic of the category Beautiful Aging: Demanding Skin and Mature Skin. Click and explore them below! Find your recommended skin care routine based on skin condition.
Demanding Skin
Traits: appearance of first wrinkles, onset of dry or dull skin

Your skin takes longer to recover, it’s dry or dull, and the sympathetic laugh lines are more pronounced. Our objective is to treat fine lines and wrinkles and sustain a youthful glow. Hydration and firming are now priority. Our collagen products offer optimal effectiveness against the various signs of aging. They allow the skin, especially while sleeping, to renew and refresh.

„The decollete now needs its own special care. Our DECOLLETE SUPREME, when used regularly, keeps the neck and chest smooth and supple. For the eye area, we recommend our Double-Eye-Care treatment by a professional esthetician.“

Verena Eckstein

Skin Care Flow · Demanding Skin
This Skin Care Flow gives you an overview of all products that are tailored to the needs of the Beautiful Aging care goal and provide an ideal care ritual for Demanding Skin. Our tip: Apply the products in the recommended sequence, this ensures the best results. This is how it works:

1. Cleanse
Using your fingertips, apply to dry skin. Massage in with a gentle circular motion. Rinse with warm water, towel dry.

2. Tone
Moisten a cotton pad with the toner and gently wipe the face or pour a small amount into the palm of your hands and apply gently to the face, avoiding the eye area.
3. Active Concentrate
Apply to face, neck and décolleté and allow to absorb completely or massage in using a gentle circular motion. Can also be used for targeted areas.

4. Eye Care
Apply gently to the eye area with the fingertips. Allow to absorb or massage in gently.

5. Day / Night Cream
Apply mornings / evenings to face and neck. Allow to absorb completely or massage in gently avoiding the eye area.

Shop products for Demanding Skin

Toner Supreme

Item No. 01940

$ 27.80 *

5 oz (0 oz = $ 0.00)

Regeneration Supreme Cream

Item No. 05510

$ 43.60 *

1.66 oz (0 oz = $ 0.00)

Cleansing Milk Supreme

Item No. 1236

$ 28.00 *

5 oz (0 = $ 0.00)

Facial Exfoliant

Item No. 1291

$ 23.00 *

1.66 oz. (0 = $ 0.00)

Eye Make up Remover Gel

Item No. 1535

$ 18.80 *

5 oz. (0 = $ 0.00)

Active Concentrate Escin Liposome Complex

Item No. 3504

$ 76.80 *

1 oz (0 oz = $ 0.00)

Active Concentrate Silk AHA Liposome Complex

Item No. 3505

$ 78.40 *

1 oz (0 oz = $ 0.00)

Active Concentrate Collagen Complex

Item No. 3594

$ 90.20 *

1 oz (0 oz = $ 0.00)

Eye Lid Toner

Item No. 4220

$ 21.20 *

5 oz. (0 = $ 0.00)

Eye & Lip Contour Creme Fluid

Item No. 4227

$ 76.80 *

0.60 oz (0 = $ 0.00)

Collagen Supreme

Item No. 5480

$ 51.40 *

1.66 oz (0 = $ 0.00)

Collagen Balm

Item No. 5481

$ 41.40 *

1.66 oz (0 = $ 0.00)

Décolleté Supreme

Item No. 5486

$ 48.60 *

1.66 oz (0 = $ 0.00)

Collagen Pack

Item No. 6482

$ 31.20 *

1.66 oz. (0 = $ 0.00)

Ultimate Supreme Day Balm

Item No. 7560

$ 152.00 *

1.66 oz. (0 = $ 0.00)

Ultimate Supreme Night Cream

Item No. 7561

$ 168.00 *

1.66 oz. (0 = $ 0.00)

Ultimate Supreme Aronia Concentrate

Item No. 7562

$ 98.00 *

0.50 oz. (0 = $ 0.00)

Ultimate Supreme Hyaluron Eye Roll-On

Item No. 7563

$ 59.80 *

0.34 oz (0 = $ 0.00)


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