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The importance of a facial toner is often underestimated! Yet it’s a crucial step with many benefits in a skin care routine. A facial toner refreshes and tones the skin and, depending on the skin’s needs, can provide additional moisture, a deeper cleansing, and a calming effect. Select the right toner for your skin to optimize the effects of subsequent skin care products.

Tip: Facial toners are ideal for refreshing the skin during the day.

Adstringent Lotion 5oz

Item No. 01010

$ 16.60 *

5 oz (0 oz = $ 0.00)

Azulene Lotion 5oz

Item No. 01220

$ 19.40 *

5 oz (0 oz = $ 0.00)

Hamamelis Lotion 5oz

Item No. 01850

$ 15.80 *

5 oz (0 oz = $ 0.00)

Witch Hazel Refreshing Towelette (14 pieces)

Item No. 01860

$ 11.80 *

14 pieces (0 piece = $ 0.00)

Lotion 5oz

Item No. 01920

$ 15.80 *

5 oz (0 oz = $ 0.00)

Lotion, Large 8.3oz

Item No. 01930

$ 27.00 *

8.30 oz (0 oz = $ 0.00)

Lotion Supreme 5oz

Item No. 01940

$ 26.60 *

5 oz (0 oz = $ 0.00)

Eye Lid Lotion 5oz

Item No. 02200

$ 20.00 *

5 oz (0 oz = $ 0.00)

Beautipharm® Moisturizing Toner 6.7oz

Item No. 03130

$ 21.20 *

6.70 oz (0 oz = $ 0.00)

Sensitive Lotion 5oz

Item No. 05740

$ 25.40 *

5 oz (0 oz = $ 0.00)


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Doctor Eckstein®



Doctor Eckstein BioKosmetik® has a strong tradition of innovation - since 1949. From day one, we’ve made it our purpose to emphasize true beauty through innovative and effective products that thoroughly nourish the skin.

Aus einer Hand


As a quality-conscious family business, we personally oversee all essential steps from research and development - including selection of the finest ingredients - to finished product.

Made in germany


All of our products, whether for the domestic market or worldwide sales, are produced at our own facilities in Oberasbach, Germany.



We focus on sustainability and fairness towards our suppliers and partners around the world. This is good for our planet, products, and customers.



We understand healthy skin at its core and what it needs to function at its best.



To the greatest extent possible, we use natural raw materials–of highest grade–in our formulations and enhance them with select precious ingredients for proven effectiveness.

Herausragende Verträglichkeit


We test our products extensively, both in-house and at independent labs, to ensure skin compatibility - for even the most sensitive skin. With Doctor Eckstein, ideal care is possible for everyone.



Pharmaceutical research has always been at the core of our product development. Every product we sell is created - without animal testing - at our own laboratories. Our innovative use of active ingredients sets us apart as leaders in advanced skin care.

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