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Getting to know Doctor Eckstein

Our Values

Integrity. Since our inception in 1949, we have been creating highly effective skin care products based on pharmacology and natural science. We stand behind every product we make with our name - for three generations.

Quality. All of our skin care products are developed and manufactured at our family-owned and operated facilities in Oberasbach, Germany. Ingredients are hand-selected, of highest grade, and sourced regionally to the greatest extent possible. Time and care go into the creation of each product according to strict pharmaceutical standards.

Innovation. Whether azulene, natural enzymes, collagen, or active ingredients derived from resource-friendly plant stem cells: we are industry leaders in providing highly effective skincare solutions. Our 4-10-100 skin care guide helps clients quickly identify a personalized skin care routine for their skin type and condition. Over 100 products make it possible to individualize skin care like never before.


Our Vision

To redefine beauty as the individual expression of personality, vitality, and health.

Our Mission

To empower individuals to feel beautiful internally and externally. To reinforce the principle of holistic beauty in our professional trainings and seminars. To empower and support a lifestyle choice of total wellness.

Our Philosophy

In ancient Greece, beauty was described as the spirit of the gods revealed in nature, in the symmetry of its form and structure. As a scientist and philosopher, my grandfather, Richard Adam Eckstein, was inspired by this Hellenistic ideal. From it he developed the philosophy of our company which guides us to this day: just as ancient Greek artists expressed an ideal of beauty in their work, we see it as our purpose to do the same by creating cosmetics for timeless and ageless beauty.

My grandfather also derived inspiration from the ancient Greek words "bios" (life) and "cosmein" (harmonic order), and made it his mission to support the skin’s vital functions and help people preserve their natural beauty. For this reason, our company has always included the word BioKosmetik® in its name.

Verena Eckstein


The Doctor Eckstein Story: Travel Through Time

2009 & 2013


Pioneering new products, new approaches

Dr. Richard A. Eckstein and his wife Linde help shape the post-war German cosmetic industry by pioneering a new approach to the professional skin care market. Beginning with three products, they partner with estheticians to provide product and product training for better treatment results.

Innovation: Azulene Paste


Timeless Concept: Beauty includes everyone

As a natural scientist with profound expertise in natural medicine, Dr. Richard A. Eckstein establishes early concepts that guide the company to this day: Doctor Eckstein BioKosmetik combines a deep knowledge of both pharmaceutical and life sciences into skin care formulas that deliver what they promise and support the belief of ageless beauty. Doctor Eckstein takes a revolutionary approach to skin care products through the innovative use of active ingredients. A product icon, AZULENE PASTE, helps establish the family name in the industry.

Innovation: Enzyme Peeling


Prix Cidesco – International Recognition for Excellence

Dr. Richard A. Eckstein, in addition to his industry changing innovations, is a prolific author. His published research further cements his reputation internationally. In 1957, he becomes the first German scientist in the industry to receive the prestigious Prix Cidesco for his pioneering contributions to the cosmetic industry.

Innovation: Ampoules


Skin and Psychology Connection

The connection between a person’s skin and their sense of well-being is increasingly understood. Individual beauty is influenced not only by a disciplined approach to skin care, but also by a sense of self. Dr. Richard Eckstein recognizes this early on and delves into it deeply during his time teaching philosophy at the University of Munich. During the late 60’s and early 70’s, he touches on topics including „Cosmetics – a Means of Self-fulfillment for Women“ and „Stages of Stress and Cosmetic Consequences “.

The company focus on superior skin care remains front and center throughout these years. The concept of sun protection emerges in the industry at this time and Doctor Eckstein BioKosmetik is among the first to embrace it.

Innovation: Sun Protection


Publication of Biocosmetic Handbook

More than 20 years of published research on cosmetic care and expertise in skin care is captured in the book, Biokosmetik – Aus Forschung und Praxis (Bio-cosmetics - Research and Practice), by Dr. Richard A. Eckstein. Four years in the making, this comprehensive „bible“ becomes a classic in the education of cosmetologists, and remains so to this day. Simultaneously to publication, Doctor Eckstein introduces its newest innovation: collagen, a shining star in the ingredient universe of cosmetics.

Innovation: Collagen


A System for Individualized Skin Care

After completing his doctorate in the mid-seventies, Gerd Eckstein joins his parents’ business as head of development and production. He restructures the product line from an assortment of single items to a system of care based on ten skin conditions and tailorable to individual needs. As part of the restructuring, he adds a line for sensitive skin, introduces a men’s line, and adopts new technologies to address the influence of UV radiation on skin aging. Repair Complex is introduced at this time as the first product in the Repair Line. This is followed by hyaluronic acid, a groundbreaking new ingredient.

Innovation: Repair Complex CLR, Hyaluronic Acid


A System of Care

A skin care system, adaptable to individual needs, is only as good as the esthetician who applies it. For this reason, Dr. Gerd Eckstein and his wife Iris create a concept of training to ensure a high standard of care among skin care professionals. They then expand the training to all German speaking areas, while simultaneously introducing Doctor Eckstein product to the U.S. market. It is at this time that the company introduces its first liposome products.

Innovation: Liposomes


Stepping into the Future

As managing director of production, development and marketing, Dr. Gerd Eckstein, along with his wife Iris, introduce new branding that moves the company into the future while cementing its reputation for excellence established by his parents. In addition, Gerd Eckstein completes a major revision of the book "Biokosmetik - Aus Forschung und Praxis" and oversees the publication of its 7th edition. Research into new ingredients and products focuses on biomimetic peptides with integration in Doctor Eckstein’s innovative Repair series.

Innovation: Bio-mimetic Peptides, Active Concentrates

2009 & 2013

A Generational Change

Dr. Gerd Eckstein becomes owner and managing director of the company, bringing the next generation with him. Iris Eckstein joins him as managing director of Germany where she conceptualizes two new products and oversees their successful market launch. Inspired by her active life and love of nature, the products include Rich & Silky Body Butter and Active Concentrate Sun Shield SPF 50.

Innovation: Active Concentrate Sun Protection SPF 50 (2013)


Timeless Beauty 

Iris Eckstein and her daughter Verena Eckstein enter the social media spotlight with their „Timeless Beauty“ video, capturing the YouTube generation’s attention and providing an early glimpse of a new direction. For Verena Eckstein, with a freshly minted doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, sustainability is crucial. For this reason, she introduces a highly resource-friendly approach to product development using active ingredients derived from plant stem cells.

Innovation: Plant Stem Cell Extracts


Young and Dynamic

Verena and Michael Eckstein co-manage Doctor Eckstein BioKosmetik, along with their mother Iris Eckstein, and present their product line in a modern format: 4-10-100 is an easy-to-use guide to optimal skin care – for both retail customers and industry professionals alike. Verena continues a long company tradition of sharing knowledge through her blog, fresh with insights from her university experience. One insight includes anthocyanins, a potent antioxidant ingredient, and Doctor Eckstein is among the first to adopt its use.

Innovation: Anthocyanins

Doctor Eckstein®



Doctor Eckstein® has a strong tradition of innovation - since 1949. From day one, we’ve made it our purpose to emphasize true beauty through innovative and effective products that thoroughly nourish the skin.

Aus einer Hand


As a quality-conscious family business, we personally oversee all essential steps from research and development - including selection of the finest ingredients - to finished product.

Made in germany


All of our products, whether for the domestic market or worldwide sales, are produced at our own facilities in Oberasbach, Germany.



We focus on sustainability and fairness towards our suppliers and partners around the world. This is good for our planet, products, and customers.



We understand healthy skin at its core and what it needs to function at its best.



We use high-quality ingredients with proven effectiveness. For us that means the best from nature and science - a combination of natural plant extracts and high-tech, sustainable ingredients.

Herausragende Verträglichkeit


We test our products extensively, both in-house and at independent labs, to ensure skin compatibility - for even the most sensitive skin. With Doctor Eckstein, ideal care is possible for everyone.



Pharmaceutical research has always been at the core of our product development. Every product we sell is created - without animal testing - at our own laboratories. Our innovative use of active ingredients sets us apart as leaders in advanced skin care.


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